Visitor Information

Welcome to Walker Grant Middle School!

If you are here to visit with faculty/staff or volunteering you will be asked to check in.  Please be prepared to have your Drivers ID ready to be scanned and collected.  Once it is scanned and you receive a visitor badge you will be permitted to continue with your visit.  Don't forget to return your visitor badge upon leaving to ensure that you get your Drivers ID returned.

Thank you for supporting us by following these procedures and for helping make certain all students and staff are safe while at school!

Office hours are

7:15AM - 4:00PM.

Student hours are

7:40AM - 2:40PM.

Walker Grant Middle School is located at:
1 Learning Lane ~ Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401
Telephone: (540) 372-1145 ~ Fax: (540) 891-5449