Band and Orchestra Information for Rising Sixth Graders

Band and Orchestra Information for Rising Sixth Graders

Welcome to Walker Grant Performing Arts!

We are looking forward to working with your students during the transition to middle school for your rising 6th grader! One new part of your student’s school day will be the opportunity to choose Band, Choir, or Orchestra as an elective for the entire school year.  This is new to the students, so we wanted to reach out and give you some class descriptions to help with the decision. What an exciting time!

Music is another language; it is going to teach kids to think and learn differently than their common course work. We really encourage families to consider that when they are picking out their electives. These courses require teamwork. In these groups, students will learn how to work together and build camaraderie. It is perfect for the students to begin to find a place of belonging during the middle school years.

Choosing an instrument is an exciting first step to learning music should your child choose Band or Orchestra! To join beginning band or orchestra, students must select an instrument for the school year.  You may obtain an instrument anywhere you wish; however, we recommend some type of rental/purchase plan. We have included a couple of local music stores to help with your search. If your student elects to take choir, they will just need their voice as their instrument!

It is important to understand that there are a set number of students selected to play each instrument depending on the size of the band or orchestra. This will ensure an enjoyable musical experience for everyone. There will be more information about instrument fittings once course registration period has concluded.

Please take the opportunity to sit with your student if they are interested in Band or Orchestra and watch the videos below on the different types of instruments that will be available to them should they enroll in one of these courses.

We look forward to meeting you all soon!

Roberson's Music

WM Mason Violin Rental

First page of the PDF file: WMMasonRentalsheet20201


Watch the following video to learn more about the instruments in band.


Watch the following video to learn more about the instruments in orchestra.