Attendance Awareness Continues

Flyer for attendance awareness month 2023, info in post.
Flyer for attendance awareness month 2023, info in post.

September is Attendance Awareness Month. Attendance matters because you matter! Good school attendance means:

1. Preschoolers - build skills and develop good habits for showing up on time.

2. Elementary Schoolers - read well by the end of third grade.

3. High Schoolers - stay on track for graduation.

4. College Students - earn their degrees.

5. Workers - succeed in their jobs.

Too many absences - excused or unexcused - can keep students from succeeding in school and life. How many are too many? 10% of the school year, meaning 18 missed days or two days a month, can knock students off track.

Parents and guardians, did you know school attendance matters as early as preschool and kindergarten? Studies show that children who miss too many days of school early in the year will struggle academically, both now and in the future.

Here's how you can help:

1. Some absences are unavoidable because of illness, but it is important to get your child to school as often as possible.

2. To keep your child from missing school, try to line up vacations and appointments with the school's schedule.

3. For younger children, set a regular bedtime and morning routine. Make sure they get plenty of sleep and try laying out clothes and packing backpacks the night before.

4. For older children, help them set homework and bedtime routines that allow for plenty of sleep. When the lights are off, phones/video games/computers should be too.

5. Above all, set an example by showing your child that attendance matters to you and that you won't allow an absence unless they are truly sick.