Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week Highlight - Mr. Hopkins (James Monroe High School Principal)

Photo of JM principal Rickie Hopkins.
Photo of JM principal Rickie Hopkins.

As part of Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week, we are highlighting all our principals with a Q and A session to give you some more insight into who they are, and what they do. Please enjoy the following from James Monroe High School Principal Mr. Hopkins;

What inspired you to choose education for your profession? 

"I come from a family of educators. I have aunts and uncles who were teachers. Growing up with them I was always intrigued at their job profession. I love reading and being inquisitive of new things and new ideas. Once I realized my passion was teaching, young people and working with students I choose education as my field."


What do you most enjoy about being a principal? 

"I love serving as principal because it gives me the opportunity to see school from one perspective to the other and within those perspectives it lets me know how I can assist students with their learning. The classroom was too small for me. I knew I could reach more students and parents in the capacity of being a principal. I also believe a principal requires someone to be a lifelong learner."


What do you want your students to know about you or, in general, that you feel is important for them to know?

"I see the potential in each one of them and it’s my responsibility to help them see themselves with their potential."


Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to hear. 

"I love running. I’ve always been a fast mover, a high stepper. My favorite food is a salad. I could eat it three times a day and be a happy camper. I love traveling. I’ve gone to California 4 times. I’ve experienced a hot air balloon ride."