How to Worry Less About Tests

  • Remember: It’s okay if you get a little worried or anxious. Everyone does! This just means you care about how you do and that is a good thing!  Tests are important for many reasons, but if you are afraid of them remember--- it’s ONLY a test! No physical harm will happen to you. Your family and friends will still love you. It will only take an hour or less from your entire life. Plus, you’ve taken many tests already and look, you’re still alive!
  • Take deep breathes to calm down. This can be done before or during the test. Breathe in through your nose and hold for a couple seconds, then breathe out through your mouth. Think of yourself as breathing in the positive energy around you then exhaling the worries away from you. Do this three times in a row.
  • Try to picture a person, place, or thing that makes you feel calm. Is it at Grandma or Grandpa’s house? Enjoying a sunset? Lying on a beach?  Floating on a cloud? Maybe it’s outside on your bike or at home with your family. Thinking of these images in your head will help to calm your body down. Try it!
  • Tell yourself positive messages. You made it this far in the school year. Congratulations! You should feel good about yourself for making it all the way to this point. You can do this! What are some things you could say to yourself that will help calm you? (I have studied and I am prepared. I can do this. I know I can get an “A” because I’ve tried hard. This is just another test and I am ready. Nothing can stop me now!) What can you say? It might help to think of things you would like someone else to say to you.
  • Share your feelings with someone. Talking to someone else about your worries helps for two reasons. One, they might be able to listen, calm you down, and cheer you up. Two, you might learn that they have the same worries and you can help each other work them out together.