Principal's Message of the Week September 7

Photo of Ms. Hinrichs

Good Afternoon Tiger Families,

I hope that everyone has taken time to relax and enjoy our long holiday weekend.  We are excited to have our Tigers back in the building on Tuesday, September 7th.  This edition of the Principal's Message contains a great deal of important COVID-related information.  We want everyone to be safe and healthy so we can focus on our learning.

School is closed Monday for the holiday, so Tuesday (A-day) begins our White Week.  I am attaching the copy of our Orange and White Weeks calendar which includes A and B days in case you missed it in an earlier message. 

WGMS Calendar of Orange and White Weeks 


Vaccine Clinics for Students

The Rappahannock Area Health District is partnering with Fredericksburg City Public Schools to provide on-site COVID-19 vaccines to middle and high school students. Vaccines will be available from 8am-11:30am on Thursday, September 9th at Walker Grant Middle School and again from 8am-11:30am on Friday, September 10th at James Monroe High School. The Pfizer vaccine will be the vaccine administered, and all students ages 12 and up are eligible to receive the vaccine at no charge. Parents can schedule their students and provide consent for vaccination online. (The registration links are below.) Students will then be asked to show proof of their appointment time (either by printing their confirmation or showing it on their phone) in order to be excused from class to receive their vaccine.

Fredericksburg City Public Schools will be offering a $10 gift card to students who receive their first dose and $20 gift card to students who receive their second dose.

The CDC and Virginia Department of Health strongly recommends everyone 12 years of age and older to get the vaccination to help protect against COVID-19. Widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop the pandemic. For additional questions about COVID-19 vaccination, please contact the Rappahannock Area Health District at 540-899-4797 or

For Walker-Grant Middle School on 9/9: 

Walker Grant Middle School:

September 9: 8-11:30- 1st dose:

September 30: 8-11:30- 2nd dose:

September 7 Return

Effective September 7th, WGMS will be  implementing additional layers of protocol to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the middle-school population, as outlined in the plan below.

Administration, Faculty, and Staff will review this valuable information daily with our students, including the importance of hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks at all times except when eating. 

Parents and Guardians- Please review the September 7th Return Plan below with your children before their return to school. We appreciate the collaboration of home and school working together to help keep our students healthy and safe. 

WGMS September 7th Return Plan 


COVID Symptoms

 As we prepare for our September 7th return to in-person learning, we are again asking parents and guardians to assist us in keeping our schools safe by closely monitoring your child’s health. Please keep students home who are sick or are showing signs of COVID-19 symptoms. The symptoms are:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Hand washing, masking, and social distancing

Please discuss the importance of hand washing, wearing masks at all times, and social distancing with your children.  They are layers of prevention strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. WGMS enforces indoor mask wearing for all individuals age 2 years and older, including students, teachers, staff, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status.

Part of our campaign to promote these safety procedures will include a poster contest and videos shared with our students during our flex block, Tiger Support Advisory(TSA). 

Please copy and paste the link in your browser to view the video entitled "The Epic Hand Washing Parody" that we will share on Tuesday in TSA : Washing Video for Older Students 2020&shtp=GetUrl&shid=0410d8ee-dfd6-4c79-bca6-e19eb22323ff&shtk=VGhlIEVwaWMgSGFuZCBXYXNoaW5nIFBhcm9keQ%3D%3D&shdk=U2hhcmUgdGhpcyB2aWRlbyB0byBzcHJlYWQgdGhlIHdvcmQgYW5kIHRvZ2V0aGVyIHdlIGNhbiBiZWF0IHRoaXMgdGhpbmchIEkgY3JlYXRlZCB0aGlzIHRvIGJlIGEgZnVuLCBwb3NpdGl2ZSByZW1pbmRlciB0byBmYW1pbGllcyBhYm91dCB3aGF0IHdlIGNhbiBhbGwgZG8gcmlnaHQgbm93IGluIG91ciBvd24gaG9tZXMgdG8gZmlnaHQgdGhpcyB2aXJ1cy4gUHJlc3MgaW5xdWlyZXM6IHByZXNzQGluc3BpcmUuYnV6eiBBbGwgcmV2ZW51ZSBhbmQgcHJvY2VlZHMgZnJvbSB0aGlzIHNvbmcgd2lsbCBiZSBkb25hdGVkIHRvIEdsb2JhbEdpdmluZ%2BKAmXMgUmVsaWVmIEZ1bmQuIEdvIGRvbmF0ZSBoZXJlIC4uLg%3D%3D&shhk=QLKdeVBRtBoCKZtSrxONaXmMM0FlsvFnUp718MRa3HY%3D&form=VDSHOT&shth=OVP.aF45f86iwPKi5aUWE_aoSgHgFo

The Importance of Communication

Parents, guardians, and caregivers are asked to report new diagnoses of COVID-19 to the school and public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing and communication planning for cases and outbreaks. As families become aware of positive and presumptive positive cases within their household, as well as close contacts with positive cases, we encourage you to contact Mrs. Hinrichs's office by phone so we may complete the processes for contact tracing. Please leave a message with the Principal's Secretary if you are unable to connect with Mrs. Hinrichs directly.

Thank you to all families who have contacted the school regarding new diagnoses or close contacts with positive cases. Without  your communication, it would have been even harder to stop the transmission of COVID-19 in our school. You are greatly appreciated! 


Hoping you have a Tigerrific Labor Day and remember to stay #TigerStrong

Mrs. Hinrichs