Tiger Talk Principal Hopkins' Newsletter, Fall 2022

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Greetings Parents,


At this point, I hope your child has come home and shared his/her positive experiences from Walker-Grant Middle School since the new school year started. We are in September already; our students have been with us for almost one month. We are pleased with the positive relationship between the teachers, staff members, and students that have developed so quickly. We have many new teachers this year, eager to receive students and train fresh minds with exciting lessons.


We see each child in this building as one of our children by providing a safe and orderly school. Thus, your support has been and is genuinely appreciated since we moved to Walker-Grant Middle School. Teachers and staff members spend time with each student to ensure every child feels a sense of family and connection. Therefore, teachers, staff members, and administration greet our students each morning with a warm smile and friendly greeting. Our goal is to welcome every student and provide a safe environment to learn and grow.


Parents, please know the teachers, staff, and the administrative team appreciates your participation and support in your child’s academic growth. Consequently, we are reminding our students of the many exciting opportunities Walker-Grant Middle School offers. It is important to provide opportunities for students to socialize with their friends while in school. Our students are allowed to enjoy lunch eating in our patio area. Once again, all students supervised by our school staff and administration enjoy the fresh air at least twice a week. As a friendly reminder, please ensure all students’ medicals are kept safe by our school nurse. Students are not allowed to self-medicate without a physician’s direction.


Enjoy your day.

Dr. Rickie G. Hopkins

Interim Principal


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